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Angel therapy

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Angel therapy is a gentle flowing energy which flows full of love from the Celestial realms. Angel therapy works by relaxing the client and flows through the therapist hands into the body ,mind and spirit of the client. It works well with mild to moderate pain, mild depression, feelings of stress and anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. Dealing with the ups and downs of life in a loving positive manner. It helps with Negativity, grief and fear based energies ,lovingly clearing negative attachments from the body and mind. Bringing release, balance and helping the body to recover, from emotion, pain, shock, trauma, medical procedures. It is so gentle and loving that even babies find the soothing energies beneficial. Clients report that they feel wonderful after a session with our therapists. Also available are Angel insights into the client’s requirements with an Angel or Jesus card reading which can be included into the session if required.

Please ask for details. Sessions can be half an hour which is 35€ or just over one hour which is 60€

Angel discovery workshops also available.

Charlotte Dimech

Angel therapist/Card reader

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