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Ashley Ager-Dimech

Classical Homeopath
Colonic Hydrotherapist
Bio Resonance Therapist

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Ashley Ager Dimech D.Hom.UK, O.N.C, ITEC


Ashley Ager Dimech is a qualified nurse, classical homeopath, accredited colonic hydro therapist, Bioresonance practitioner and owner of Tigne Holistic Centre nestled in the heart of Sliema Malta.

Born and bred in UK she moved to Malta over 40 years ago and has not looked back. Her passion for health and nature led her to the wonderful world of Homeopathy and to the birth of Tigne Holistic Centre almost 8 years ago. She dreamt of a place where people could go, away from the chaos that surrounds them, a place where like minded therapists joined together to offer clients a truly holistic path to cure and happiness, this is what clients expect when they enter the oasis which is THC. Always a ‘life long learner’ Ashley’s recent challenge was to qualify as a Bioresonance practitioner which offers diagnostic testing and therapies to clients that are searching for a truly natural approach to their health.

Ashley’s other passions are her three boys, daughter, hubby Steve, her family, her friends and of course her beloved animals, she surrounds herself with the people and things which make her happy……..a wonderful shell from Grand Harbor, coral from Seychelles and crystals given to her by those that know her so well. Living in the moment, making the most of what we do have and not what we don’t have is the ethos she lives by.

From Homeopath to Hydro therapist


Like Homeopathy, colonic hydrotherapy has been on my mind for years and it is these past few years that it has become important enough for me to actually do something about getting myself qualified. The birth of Tigne Holistic Centre provided the catalyst for this becoming a reality and we are now looking at the opening of our hydrotherapy suite within the next couple of weeks.

My Homeopathy clients are the ones that have unwittingly actually encouraged me to proceed with this venture. I have seen during many case taking experience, instances where my clients would benefit enormously from having Colonic Hydrotherapy. We store so much in our colons emotionally speaking and you would be amazed as to how all this effects release during a hydrotherapy session. This aspect of colonics is rarely acknowledged, we are all aware of the detoxifying and hydrating aspects and these are, of course, very important but from my perspective the more I can help clients with emotionally letting go of things that have been inside for years and years the better. Mind symptoms in Homeopathy are very important, these represent symptoms of depression, anxiety, addictions, abuse, ME and a myriad of other presenting complaints which can result in bouts of IBS and digestive disturbances which are often not associated with an underlying emotional condition.

Now I feel, with the addition of the hydrotherapy suite we can offer clients who come into THC a full compliment of therapies which encompass a holistic lifestyle and a natural approach to well being.

Ashley Bio & Homeopathy info: About Me
Ashley Bio & Homeopathy info: Services

Sanum Therapy

A little background

Much of Sanum-Kehlbeck’s work is based on the pioneering and extensive research of the German microbiologist Prof. Dr. Günther Enderlein whose main book Bacteria Cyclogeny was published in 1925. Enderlein was a visionary thinker who made profound discoveries about the nature of chronic disease during his 60 year career. He wrote over 500 scientific papers, was a journal editor, lectured internationally and founded the IBICA Institute for microbiological research into health.

Enderlein’s major contribution was the concept of pleomorphism, the idea that microbes assume numerous forms within a developmental cycle he termed cyclogeny. The phases of cyclogeny start from virus-sized particles, progressing to bacteria and then culminating a fungi. These microbial forms exist throughout the body and are symbiotic or pathogenic according to the conditions of the inner environment. By contrast, modern medicine is based on the monomorphistic view that microbes exist primarily in one form and mainly attack the body from the outside.

Enderlein observed human microflora by using live blood under a darkfield microscope which enabled him to identify various types of degeneration. He also discovered a natural bioregulatory process by which the inner microbial ecosystem maintains a healthy balance. He identified the regulators as ‘symbionts’ that restore ‘symbiotic equilibrium’, which for him represented an ideal state of health. From this insight, Enderlein developed his unique isopathic remedies derived from fungal cultures.

Of particular significance for health are the life cycles of Mucor racemosus and Aspergillus niger, which he discovered to be fundamental to the microflora of all humans and mammals, along with Candida and species of Penicillium. In any such microbial life cycle, virulent forms can be returned to harmless avirulent forms with the corresponding fungal isopathic remedy. Sanum therapy also uses various potentised bacterial remedies, nutritional an herbal preparations to rebalance the ‘soil’ out of which diseases emerge. Most essential are the pH products needed to ‘alkalise’ the body. Many conditions are caused by over-acidity as this provides the milieu in which destructive microbes develop.

Enderlein described disease primarily as a manifestation of the ‘endobiosis’ (the Mucor cycle), to which he saw similarities to the psora miasm as defined by Hahnemann. He also described the ‘paratuberculosis’ (the Aspergillus cycle) as another significant miasm underlying many chronic conditions. Most of the Sanum remedies work at this deep miasmatic level to increase overall constitutional health and vitality.

So how do we integrate Sanum Therapy into homeopathy and Bioresonance therapy……

Over my years of practice I have learned not to eliminate any other therapy that can benefit my patients, I recall after graduating as a classical homeopath I was adamant to literally focus on the classical side of homeopathy, but, as time went on, I became open to other modalities within the field of energy healing and this is where my interest in Sanum Therapy blossomed.

When do we use it?

Generally speaking we would use this therapy if we reach a blockage or reach a stage in recovery where we just need an extra push in the right direction

How do we use it?

Using the test vials in the Bioresonance/Vega machine, homeopathic imprinting onto homeopathic remedies

How much does it cost?

Analysis (which may include testing), remedies and advice amounts to euro100

Ashley Bio & Homeopathy info: About

Acute appointment

20 Euro

Approx 20 mins

Replacement remedies 4 Euro per bag

(Approx 80 Pillules)

Curious Child

Child (Under 15)

135 Euro

Teens 15 - 18

180 Euro

Image by Sung Wang


250 Euro


- Case taking (approx. 2 hours)

- Case analysis

- Remedies prescribed

- Two follow up appointments 

Image by Krista Mangulsone


Animals too can be helped with homeopathy and I will be happy to help


Homeopathic Remedies
Auto Nosode Remedies

4 Euro
5 Euro (Auto Nosode)


Schuessler Tissue Salts

4 Euro

Ashley Bio & Homeopathy info: Services
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