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Bioresonance Therapy

BRT is a non-invasive method of helping with various conditions, most often in the treatment of disorders of the musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, circulatory, respiratory, urinary and nervous systems.

Sessions take place in stages of several minute duration. It does not interfere with conventional medical treatment, nor does it interfere with drug absorption. There at THC we are very careful never to advise clients to stop any treatment, medication or therapy that has been prescribed by a medical professional.

Bioresonance therapy - BRT is a method that uses natural radiation produced by our body cells. Each one is a tiny electromagnet, producing a magnetic field around them. It is small, but after summing up the fields of all cells, we get a specific pattern of the correct field for a specific tissue or organ.

Due to the modern electronics of the CE marked Deta apparatus (this is the state of the art device we use here at THC), pathological vibrations (disturbances) caused by organism toxins, metals, viruses, parasites, bacteria, untreated diseases, infections, allergens, etc. are intercepted and converted into therapeutic - harmonic (physiological) vibrations. These vibrations are passed back from the device to the patient's body, the frequencies being harmonized and amplified accordingly. Healthy cells emit other electromagnetic fields than cells in pathogenic or degenerative processes.


The electromagnetic field of the patient immediately reacts to the exact matched therapeutic signal and in turn transfers the changed vibration pattern to the Deta device. This process is repeated in fractions of a second.

In this way, pathological signals are reduced in the organism and finally extinguished, and physiological regulatory forces begin to regulate biological processes properly. As a result of the biophysical improvement of the patient's energy level, the client gradually progresses to the improvement of the biochemical processes. 


Simply put, the patient is connected with a non invasive device that collects from the diseased organ the electromagnetic vibrations that are correct and incorrect and reprocess them. The abnormal vibrations are extinguished, and the correct reinforced, and then they return to the clients body. During a series of sessions, a desensitization protocol where one therapy means one allergen, the electromagnetic field disturbed by a sick body "learns" to vibrate in the proper way only, what results in a therapeutic effect. Bioresonance also provides the possibility to remove from the body difficult to address viruses and bacteria as well as parts of parasites without taking any medication. This is done by providing such bioresonance vibrations to the body, usually during a few treatments, that naturally eliminates the pathogen by the body itself.

Bioresonance/Vega Diagnostics/Therapeutics Prices

Food intolerance (80), Vitamins (9) and Candida levels (11)                   €120


Bumper test 150 foods, vitamins and candida                                        €150


Candida Full Protocol (3 months)                                                           €100

Parasite Testing                                                                                   €85

Smoking Cessation (testing, treatment and nosode)                                €100

Heavy Metal Protocol (testing and nosode)                                             €85

Full body BRT (approx. 4 hours)                                                            €450

Individual body system testing                                                               €50

Pregnancy prep, hormones, female reproductive system (diagnostics and therapy x 1)                                                                                                   €100

Male reproductive system, hormones (diagnostics and therapy x 1)         €100

SIBO (Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) for digestive issues, IBS, Diverticulosis Inflammatory bowel disease, leaky gut, constipation, diarrhea.(testing, information advice)                                                                €100

BRT treatments including acute consultations                                         €50

BRT repeat treatments                                                                          €20 

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Ashley Ager Dimech 

Classical Homeopath and Bioresonance Practitioner

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