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What is body therapy?


Body therapy is a distinctive bodywork method which strengthens your body-mind connection, increases your body awareness and embarks you on a journey of peacefulness and tranquility. It is a physical and emotional check-in which not only address symptoms of pains and ailment, but also the root causes behind. It is an effectively treatment to powerful emotions such as stress, anxiety and depression.

The methods used in body therapy are coming from 2.000 years old Chinese knowledge together with new techniques and psychotherapy from our time involving massage, breathwork, reflexology, acupressure, cleansing of the body (lymphatic drainage), pulsation, manipulation of the bones and verbal guiding.

The benefits are numerous! Body therapy speeds up your body’s natural healing process, helps you let go of physical and emotional tensions, and create an overall sense of well-being.


A treatment will help

  • reduce anxiety and stress symptoms

  • release muscular tension and pain

  • improve circulation

  • increase joint flexibility

  • faster healing of injured muscular tissue

  • improve posture and reduce blood pressure

  • improve sleep

  • enhance immunity

The philosophy is straightforward: The multifarious impressions and expressions of day-to-day living are imbedded in our bodies. The body bears the mark of how you have lived your life. Your mental state affects your body and your physical condition - which in return affects your emotions, thoughts, and moods. Body therapy treats both the physical and emotional causes behind a pain and help you letting go of blockages physically and mentally!




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Payment Methods


Payment of fees can be made in cash or by revolut



1 x session                        60 €

(approx 60 min)

3 x session                       170 €

6 x session                       340 €

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