Spiritual Healer

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Minister of Healing USA

National Federation of Spiritual Healers UK

David was born on June 11th 1946 to Roland Lawrence & Margaret in North East England and led a reasonably normal life until 1968 when living in London he was told by his Spiritual Teacher Don Galloway at The College of Psychic Studies that healing people was going to be his destiny and life’s work and would change his life forever.

David was born with the gift of Healing from God so no training was necessary.

Healing energies emitted from David’s heart and soul (love) emerge through his right hand and enter the person he is working with enabling the Healing energy to penetrate the disease or disorder in the person’s mind body and soul to begin the healing process.

David over 40 years has performed thousands of healing sessions with people all over the world producing remarkable results.

To view David’s website which shows examples of testimonials, newspaper articles, biography and all contact details please visit www.absenthealingbydavid.com