Dr. Cristin Fitzpatrick

Neuro-developmental specialist

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Dr. Cristin Fitzpatrick has been on a non-stop journey of knowledge acquisition over the past decade. Shortly after completing her Doctorate in 2013, she enrolled in Carrick Institute's Chiropractic Neurology post-doctorate program focused on Clinical Applications of Neuroscience. She is certified in Functional Neuro-Orthopedic Rehabilitation (FNOR), and a neuro-rehabilitation trainer at the Mediterranean Brain & Spine Center. ​​

As a mother herself, she understands the importance of a balanced body and balanced brain.  Dr. Cristin specializing in managing patients throughout pregnancy and emphasizes the importance of a healthy brain & spine starting shortly after birth; age-appropriate, gentle techniques are utilized during these periods of development that are safe and effective.  Age-appropriate therapies (games), posture exercises, learning tools/techniques and clinical nutrition recommendations are basic foundations that should be individualized for each patient as part of a well-baby / well-child health plan. 

"Neurodevelopment is a crucial part of growing up & we can take an active role in guiding how the brain and body functions from an early age . A proper examination can set young patients on a path towards optimal health and really help shape their health and their future." 

Dr. Cristin's strong academic training in healthcare,  practice management, evidence-based clinical application, and advanced imaging allows her to effectively provide patients with quality healthcare in an environment that supports patient empowerment and encourages active involvement in restoring and maintaining an optimal level of function for each patient.

  • Bachelor of Science, Psychology; State University of New York

  • Doctor of Chiropractic, Palmer College of Chiropractic, National Board Certified: Parts I-IV, Physiotherapy (USA)

  • Certified Posture Expert, American Posture Institute (USA) 

  • Functional Neuro-Orthopedic Rehabilitation (FNOR) Certified, Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies (USA)

  • Certified Postural Neurologist, American Posture Institute (USA) 

Dr. Cristin's patient tips and resources have been featured in American publications and she is currently serving as President of the LCW European Chapter. Speaking and mentoring within the profession is a heart-felt passion and she enjoys sharing brain-based goal setting strategies