Natalie Hammer
B.A, M.D.

Aesthetic Medicine Doctor

Dr Natalie Hammer.jpg

Dr. Natalie Hammer has been working as an Aesthetic Medicine Doctor in Malta since 2014.  She specializes in non-surgical treatments such as injectables, tattoo removal, CO 2 laser for acne scar treatment and hyperpigmentation, platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections, removal of age spots, vascular lesions, and hair laser removal.

Dr. Hammer has advanced specialist training in Aesthetic Medicine from Queen Mary University, Barts school of medicine, London.  She is fully qualified in Aesthetics and has experience in injectable facial treatments using botulinum toxin and Hyaluronic acid filler injectables.

Dr. Hammer believes in enhancing the natural beauty of her clients through a sensitive and safe approach.  With her medical credentials and experience yo can feel assured that your care and treatment is based on sound clinical knowledge and safe practice.