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Georgina More

Moonlight Therapist

Why do I name my project.. Moonlight Therapy?

The Moon is the queen of the night and emotions, and despite being in the dark, it is always illuminated (although we do not always see it as a result of our angle from Earth).  Likewise and despite the cycles, through therapy, we will more easily find light in ourselves, which offers us the opportunity to see ourselves, recognize ourselves and thus shine from our essence, allowing us to heal, empower ourselves and truly love ourselves.  Whoever simply wants to enjoy a session for pleasure, enjoyment, well-being and/or relaxation without thinking further...fantastic too! The benefits are assured.

I am Georgina, born in Barcelona and living in Malta since the summer of 2020.  I have a long professional career dedicated in the social field, working and accompanying people from all social groups and with the problems that they entail.  In addition, my own personal experience, because despite having a life that seemed written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, I was able to overcome the ravages of life through my resilience.

Still, I had the feeling that I needed some more support to transcend and evolve as a
person. As a result of this, about 10 years ago, I decided to go through a therapeutic
process, trying different types of natural and energy therapies, and these, together with
the professionals, accompanying and helping to transform me and consequently, also my
life. I ended up falling in love with them and they became my passion and vocation. With
which, approximately 5 years ago, I began my training in the field and in which I am
constantly developing.

Although I focus on the therapies discussed above, I also have training and knowledge of
others, such as: biodecoding, genealogical therapy, connection with guides, archetypes,
astrology and other therapeutic tools and resources, which complement a good

I firmly believe and feel in the power of healing and transformation that they bring. If one
is predisposed, a change and improvement is possible, I am a witness to it.

PS: Your life, your health and well-being matter!

I hug you with my soul,


It is an ancestral practice that, through a massage and stimulation of different
parts and points of the foot, all the organism's systems are worked: urinary,
reproductive, digestive, respiratory, lymphatic, circulatory, nervous, skeleton,
muscular and endocrine, providing repair, integral balance and well-being beyond
the physical body. Benefits are obtained such as: strengthening the immune
system, regulating the functioning of the organs, activating circulation, promoting
purification mechanisms, eliminating toxins, excess fats, sugars, etc. Many ailments
can be treated: calms stress and anxiety, analgesic effect (relieves pain), menstrual
cramps, back pain, gastric problems, kidney stones, sleep disorder, etc.
Furthermore, it has preventive therapy effects, or you can simply enjoy it for the
pleasure generated by this therapeutic massage.


Japanese healing technique, in which the hands and symbols are applied to
certain regions of the body, in which the patient can feel the flow of energy. We
have 7 main farms, among others. But just balancing these, any energy charge is
released helping to unblock negative thoughts and emotions that are contained.
The chakras are connected to the endocrine (hormonal) system, this being
essential for our health. The benefits of this practice are extensive, achieving
harmony, liberation, well-being and balance in our organism at all levels: physical,
mental, emotional and energetic, the latter being our source of origin, if from this
root we heal, we generate a domino effect positively influencing all areas of our
life. Any type of ailment can be treated and benefit from this practice. Relaxes and
increases our energy, reduces and eliminates stress, increased concentration, helps
for disorders such as depression, insomnia, migraine, menstrual pain, postoperative
and chronic pain, strengthens the immune system and much more.


From traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure is used (by pressing with the
fingers) on some main points of our body called meridians (itself, like
acupuncture). There are the yin and yang meridians (feminine and masculine).
These are channels of energy and blood flow that connect all the organs, tissues
and cells of our body, with the function of protecting it and keeping it in harmony.
When these meridians are worked, the natural balance of our body is restored,
unblocking and allowing the body to regain its natural ability to heal itself.
Treatment of ailments: relax muscles and joints, reduce digestive and intestinal
problems, relieve stress, tension and chronic pain, menstrual cramps or
imbalances, reduce hot flashes during menopause, minimize headaches…. You
can also use this therapy preventively.

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