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What exactly is Inner Child Work ?

Who would benefit from “Inner Child Work”.  I believe EVERYBODY!  

Do you sometimes react to a particular situation, phrase song or situation and say to yourself “wow where did that come from and why am I so affected by this”.

 Often times we are triggered by things stored in our unconscious, things we have forgot or purposefully buried as a means for protecting ourselves.  Well everything is stored in our subconscious and has a way of repeating itself, like it or not.  

Realizing that certain unwanted  behaviours or reactions to things is a gateway to unwinding the original trauma or memory  so that we can ultimately be free of them and live a peaceful existence.

With “Inner Child Therapy” we first establish “Resources”  and “Inner Family” prior to embarking on this important work.  Exploring the events that shape our thoughts, habits, fears and perception of the world is an amazing and freeing experience.  You will gain new insight and find forgiveness for yourself and others!

Inner Child work is normally combined with other therapies such as counselling or hypnosis and is a very important part of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual journey

You may have heard the term 'inner child' and thought it was just another bit of ‘psycho-babble’ - even though the term has been around for many years now.

Your Inner Child is the echo of the child you once were.

We each have our own history and we have all been influenced by our environment, events and the significant people around us. Our inner child has stored those memories, and their impact upon us.

Up to the age of six years, our brain was functioning at a relatively slow pace —the Theta brainwave frequency of 4-7 cycles per second—which is a very ‘receptive’ brainwave state, and we would have been profoundly affected by our experiences.

We will have made ‘decisions’ at a sub-conscious level, about how we ‘should’ be and what we ‘should’ do in order to be seen as OK, and to be allowed to stay around and to ‘survive’ in our families.

Our later experiences will have reinforced these beliefs and formed our own ‘Script’ for how our life ‘should’ be. We carry these immature scripts and decisions with us into adulthood — when they run our lives more than 90% of the time.

It therefore makes sense that we should revisit the experiences of the child we once were, and to find out what our own script says about our life and the unfolding drama we have been re-creating and repeating.

Not doing so will result in our playing out of the same unexamined script and drama over and over again.

We cannot change the script by talking about it, or by conscious effort alone. It was designed to keep us safe—albeit in ways that now hinder us—and so it isn’t given up that easily!

Most of the time we are living life like a child inside a grown-up's body - and the child within us yearns for attention, understanding, care and support.

We may try to silence these deeper longings with alcohol or drugs, by promiscuity, gambling, over-spending, over-eating, work-a-holism, self-harming and other ways of avoiding the real and deeper needs we have. Needs which we haven’t allowed ourselves to become fully aware of, or to find a way to have sufficiently met.

Where does it begin?

We have all been influenced by our environments since the time we were in our mother's womb. 

The sounds around us, our mother's stress levels, the abundance or deficit of the ‘feel-good’ hormones and neuro-peptides, our nourishment or lack of it, complications, twin pregnancies, drugs, alcohol, and infections will all have played their part in how safe we felt even before we were born.

Then the actual birth experience, and our early infant care, and the ‘emotional availability’ of our mother will have either reinforced or soothed the impact of those first pre-natal influences.

As small children we will have been absorbing a great deal from our extended families, our caregiver(s), friends, pre-school and early school years, and religious institutions.

We may not have had words for these experiences but they will have been ‘logged’ in our sub-conscious minds and bodies.

This all creates the pool in which we float, or sink. Inevitably, the water will be a bit dirty - or it may even be like thick mud.

In this pool resides our self-esteem, body-image, family trauma, shame and secrets (even if not spoken about—as they all affect the quality of the care our caregivers are able to show to us).

We will sink down into this pool, or mud, whenever we are overwhelmed by our negative thoughts, emotions, self-doubt or self-loathing.

In therapy the aim should be to sensitively lift out this dirt and mud, bit by bit, until we are left with just a stain of what was once there.

We must also learn how not to ‘top-it-up’ with more mud—either by doing that ourselves, or by being around other people who want to dump some of their own mud onto us, instead of dealing with it, and cleaning it up, for themselves.

Signs that your Inner Child is wounded

These will be shown in low self-esteem, poor body-image, mood and emotional imbalances, problems with boundaries being too rigid or too weak, problems with eating, harming yourself, psycho-sexual difficulties, being ‘false’ and wearing ‘masks’, identity problems, being a rebel/ a hoarder/ a bully/ a perennial victim or a super-achiever, intimacy problems, commitment problems, a general lack of trust in yourself and others, criminal behaviour, excessive lying, being ‘overly-responsible’ for others, being fiercely competitive and a poor loser, dependencies and addictions, a lack of genuine friends, obsessive and needy behaviour, fear of authority figures, being manipulative, being passive, or being aggressive.

That’s a long—and sadly not exhaustive—list. It is the stuff that brings people into psychotherapy. To repair and heal the wounds caused by parents, and others, who didn’t know any better. It is always about the unmet needs of the Inner Child - the place of both our early wounding and the most profound healing!

As mentioned inner child work is normally one of the tools Kimberley will use with you as part of your therapy however it can be used in stand alone sessions.

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