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What is Thematic strategy?

Thematic strategy is the linking pin of all the life development tools when it comes to strategic execution. Strategic execution is not limited to an organization applicability but it is also applicable to personal and individual development. Thematic strategy is a “way of life” model on its own. It is in itself a way of thinking. It enables a person to understand the constructs that will have an impact in their life right now and in the future. 

Why the need for a thematic strategy thinking?

Wherever we are right now, no doubt we are all living in interesting times. Our world has become a world of million thrills, opportunities and supreme lifetime prizes are awaiting to be open. With these potential achievements available to us is also the rise of complex systems and structures that influence how we live. The complexities and challenges both became the moral in-demand inspiration for this program to be shared to humanity. Navigating life’s complex labyrinth requires understanding of constructs in an ecosystem which often at times being overlooked, forgotten or taken for granted. These constructs play a leading role in achieving the results towards better health, happiness and success.

How I will do it?

My intent as a coach/consultant is to produce a successful impact on the entire individual. I will be your strategic confidant through the 3 phases of engagement below.

Engagement 1: Collaborative self-evaluation and dialogue concerning the client’s “construct gaps”.

Engagement 2: Thematic strategy alignment and personalised system creation. This involves 4 phases which are initiating, planning, managing and evaluating sessions. This stage encourages the client and the consultant to address their objectives in a proactively progressive and creative fashion.

Engagement 3: Holistic transformation could be evident at this stage in the triad of health, happiness and success.


Price list and description of fees:

I typically charge an hourly, daily rate or a fixed fee for a package of timed consultancy sessions.
It is advisable to conduct all the phases of the consultancy meetings at Tigne Holistic Centre in Sliema, Malta
(THC). However, in cases of scheduling and location difficulties at any stage of the consultancy phase, please
contact me to arrange for mutually beneficial solution. Typical charges for my consultancy are as follows:
● From Euros 79 to Euros 199 per hour for face-to-face consultancy at THC.
● Daily rate from 0900 hrs till 1600 hrs at 6 hours per day starting from Euros 399
Special packages are also available for (pricing depends on engagement strategy plan with client):
● A three-month “Individual Consultation Only” programme via Face-to-face meeting.
● “First One Who Ask Will Be The First To Receive” package for a 12-month consultancy programme at chief
executive level in THC/Skype/phone/e-mail. (For this service, I am limited to dedicating myself up to 3 CEOs
residing in Malta per year only.)
● “D’ Raising of VT Leaders and Champions” package which is a nine-month team consultation programme.
THC for team leader/In-house meeting for team members/Skype/phone/e-mail (For this service, I am limited
to dedicating myself up to 3 companies based in Malta every year only.)

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Michael Mier

Life Coach/Thematic Strategist

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