Welcome to the World of Changes!
Izabela Klara Biskupska is a qualified hypnotherapist, certificated in Rapid Transformational Therapy by Marisa Peer in London’2018.
She offers the Fast Transforming Therapy’s Sessions, both live and online, which include hypnosis, regression, healing and transformation techniques.
Izabela was born in Poland. She worked in Italy as a Personal Trainer and Pilates Teacher, guiding her Pilates Studio and Wellness Center through the last 12 years. She is also certified in Yamuna Body Rolling Technique by Yamuna Zake in NYC, in 2012. In 2014 she created the personalized Pila Yoga Sequence to work both mind, emotions and body.
As a therapist she uses different techniques while working with a client to get the best results. She combines relaxation, visualization and NLP.
Thanks to her 12 years’ experience as a Personal Trainer, she understood the importance which mind has over a body. I share this understanding in my book “Fitness Invisible” (Italian’s version), which has been published by Bruno Editor on May’2018 and became a bestseller on Amazon.