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Counselling & Mindfulness, Hypnotherapist,

Holistic Life Coach, Life between lives & Past Life Therapy,

Intuitive Counselling & Past Life Regression.

Hi, I’m Karin Laing, and I’m here to help you gain the clarity you need to move forward in your life.

Perhaps you feel stuck, lost, depressed or ill and don’t know why. Sometimes we just lose momentum and the drive or passion that once fuelled our journey. Or we suffer a loss or trauma and cannot move forward.

Whether you believe in God, the spiritual universe, or something else, there comes a point on your life’s journey when you find yourself soul searching. We are not a body with a soul; we are a soul having a human experience inside a body. Our soul guides us and protects us and reminds us who you truly are.

And in my Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression and Intuitive Counselling sessions we can explore what’s holding you back from personal, emotional and/or financial fulfilment and create a holistic wellness plan to help you on your path to true happiness.

My healing sessions also assist with:

  • anxiety and stress

  • fears and phobias

  • lack of confidence

  • relationship challenges

  • lack of focus

  • weight issues

  • addictions

  • loss and grief

  • spiritual unfoldment

  • personal growth

  • and more …

I offer private one-on-one, couples and group sessions – both in-person and online (via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp video and Messenger) and work with both adults and children from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures.

I also hold private and (small) group retreats at L’Gharix Temple Retreat in Gozo and have a range of online personal development courses.

My sessions are charged at €85 per hour. I offer a free 15-minute (online) consultation to explore your challenges and the best combination of healing modalities to assist you move forward. Many clients benefit from only a single session while others require a series of sessions over a course of several weeks or months to achieve clarity and purpose.

Start your healing journey today! Please contact me on email or mobile for a free introductory session.

Professional Memberships:

Certified Life Between Lives Hypnotherapist, Michael Newton Institute

Certified Hypnotherapist, International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT)

Certified Past Life Regression therapist, The Past Life Therapists Association, UK (PLTA)

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