Kimberley Stapelton

Advanced Hypnotherapist, & Hypnotherapy Trainer

Clinical hypnotherapy, Counselling, Stress Management Therapy, Addiction Therapy

Stop smoking hypnotherapy, IBS Therapist

Hypno – Birthing, Weight Loss Coaching

Health & Nutrition Coaching, Past Life Regression

Regression Therapist, Inner child work, Shadow Work

Energy Medicine, Life Coaching

NLP , Gastric band hypnosis for weight loss

Health and Holistic Wellness Coaching

Hypno – Massage, Body massage, Aromatherapy


Breakthrough Coaching, Finding your purpose coach

Nutritional Coaching,

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Kimberley Stapleton

Together we can help make it easier for you to live a happy, healthy life, through a combination of resources which can help you resolve emotional, physical, mental and spiritual problems, heal, nurture, transform and uplift you.

Kimberley - is a compassionate, heart based, holistic, health and wellness practitioner and trainer, with over 30 years' experience and works using a combination of practises and therapies to help you overcome any obstacles you may be facing in living your best life

Above Are Some of The Proven Methods & Therapies We Can Utilise to Help You to Get from Where You Are To Where You Want To Be

Working together, 1 on 1 :  All sessions are customised to your needs :

I also offer occasional seminars / groups which will be posted on the notice board

Unless you have a specific therapy in mind -  at our first meeting we will discuss your challenge and then look at which therapy or mixture of therapies will work best for you personally and then spend some time giving you somethings to go away with to make a difference straight away.

If You are not sure which therapies are right for you:  Please call 00356 99355901


Advanced Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Clinical hypnotherapy, Stress Management, Addiction Therapy, IBS Therapy, Health & Nutrition Coaching, Past Life Regression, Regression Therapy, Inner child work, Shadow Work, Life Coaching, NLP,

-  1 x €65 per hour

 Course of 3 sessions – €150

Hypnosis for stop smoking –                                   Approx 90 mins - €90

Weight loss coaching inc food plan etc – Initial Consultation approx 90 mins  

Initial Consultation €90   Follow up sessions –  €65 Euros - Course of 3 sessions - €150

Gastric Band Hypnosis                                       Course of 5 sessions –   €350

Hypnobirthing Course                                         Course of 5 sessions – €350 

Hypno – massage : addressing specific mental, emotional, physical or spiritual issue and Massage - Aromatherapy- Reflexology as required  –  € 90 approx 90 mins

Energy Medicine – custom tailored to your requirements        €90 approx 90 mins

Aromatherapy Massage -

Full Body Massage- € 55 approx 60 mins inc consulation

Back, Neck & Shoulder massage + Reflexology - € 55 approx 60 mins

Back, Neck and Shoulder massage - € 55 approx 60 mins

Legs & Feet massage

Face, Neck & Shoulder massage

Neck & Shoulder massage

Lower Back massage

Physical / Emotional Energy balance

Therapy Training


Practitioner & Therapist Training – can be done individually or as part of a group

NLP Practitioner Training – POA .. please call to discuss requirements

Hypnotherapist Training – POA .. Please call to discuss requirements etc

Health and Holistic Wellness Coach Training POA .. Please call to discuss requirements



For Practitioners, Therapists and Coaches -

Holistic Business Training

Business Coaching for Holistic, Health & Wellness Professionals

Marketing Strategies for therapists & practitioners

Book yourself solid fast track for therapists, practitioners and coaches

Holistic Business Plans for therapists

Web design and branding for Health, & Holistic Wellness Coaches

Digital marketing for Health & holistic wellness coaches


Please call to discuss requirements as training can be done in groups and individually dependent upon where you are in your practise journey

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Mobile: 00356 9942 6869

Address: 25 Tigne Street, Sliema, Malta

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