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Michael Mier

Thematic strategy human coaching & Consultancy


What is Thematic strategy?

Thematic strategy is the linking pin of all the life development tools when it comes to strategic execution. Strategic execution is not limited to an organization applicability but it is also applicable to personal and individual development. Thematic strategy is a “way of life” model on its own. It is in itself a way of thinking. It enables a person to understand the constructs that will have an impact in their life right now and in the future. 

Why the need for a thematic strategy thinking?

Wherever we are right now, no doubt we are all living in interesting times. Our world has become a world of million thrills, opportunities and supreme lifetime prizes are awaiting to be open. With these potential achievements available to us is also the rise of complex systems and structures that influence how we live. The complexities and challenges both became the moral in-demand inspiration for this program to be shared to humanity. Navigating life’s complex labyrinth requires understanding of constructs in an ecosystem which often at times being overlooked, forgotten or taken for granted. These constructs play a leading role in achieving the results towards better health, happiness and success.

How I will do it?

My intent as a coach/consultant is to produce a successful impact on the entire individual. I will be your strategic confidant through the 3 phases of engagement below.

Engagement 1: Collaborative self-evaluation and dialogue concerning the client’s “construct gaps”.

Engagement 2: Thematic strategy alignment and personalized system creation. This involves 4 phases which are initiating, planning, managing and evaluating sessions. This stage encourages the client and the consultant to address their objectives in a proactively progressive and creative fashion.

Engagement 3: Holistic transformation could be evident at this stage in the triad of health, happiness and success.

Who am I?

I am an emphatic, open-minded, multi-cultured and globally experienced business strategist that offers a personalized and value-based solutions through “THEMATIC STRATEGY PERSONAL/HUMAN COACHING”. Over the last 13 years, I have successfully helped business executives grow in their careers and supported global organizations worldwide to prosper. In my life, I traveled to at least twenty countries in North and Latin America, Asia, Europe, and Africa for business and leisure. I have lived in the Philippines, Libya and I currently live in Malta since 1999. I have a Master in Business Administration degree from Maastricht School of Management, The Netherlands. I also received the first placed graduate Best Research Paper Award for my research in TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT, CREATIVE LEADERSHIP, PERFORMANCE FACTORS and PROJECT TEAMS in Malta in 2005. In the same class, I received the first place graduate on my master’s degree focus subjects which include MARKETING OF SERVICES, COMPETING IN GLOBAL ARENA, THE CONSULTANCY PROCESS and DOING BUSINESS IN EUROPE. I graduated in Bachelor of Commerce degree in Economics and Management at the University of Malta in 2002. Besides my academic degrees, I also have successfully completed courses in the subject of general thinking and line management during my academic years.

My service and product themes include (but not limiting to):

  • Lifetime Career Success and Personal Development

  • Motivation and Time-based Life Value Mapping

  • Sales and Marketing Business Strategies

  • First Line Sales and Buyer-Sourcing Manager Coaching

  • Entrepreneurship 2020 Vertical Market SNIPER program (Organization or Group Invite only)

  • Content and Literature Review Writing for Academic Thesis (Global Business Subjects only)

  • Creative Leadership and Product Innovation (Commercial aspect e.g. cost and profit analysis)

Mr. Michael Hans Mier, MBA (Maastricht)

Area of specialization: Human Performance Management, Creativity and Leadership, Product Management, Sales and Marketing Management, Purchasing Management, Vertical Markets and Sector Coaching (+500 industries, +20 countries worldwide), Content Writing Management, Small Business Management, Start Up Coaching and Idea Generation, Business Opportunity Profiling Support,

Based in Malta and can travel overseas on request

Mob: +35699997180