Holistic life coach & Mindbody Practitioner

specializing in TMS / Chronic pain coaching

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"Four years ago, I was in terrible pain and doctors told me I should give up on my favorite sports. I was lucky to have discovered the TMS approach to chronic pain, which got me back to all my favorite activities within a few weeks. 

Today, I pride myself in helping people master their pain and reprogram their mind and body for a pain-free life. The TMS approach is a holistic method which will set you off on a journey of self-discovery and healing. "

Miriam is a Pain Coach specializing in a little-known approach to curing a variety of chronic pain symptoms, from back pain and sciatica to unexplained nerve pain, fibromyalgia pain and chronic pain conditions that have persisted for over 6 months, and for which individuals have not managed to find permanent relief.

The TMS approach has cured thousands of pain sufferers, particularly in the US, where it was first discovered by Dr John Sarno, through a combination of min/body education, inner work, brain reprogramming and other techniques based on the principles of Neuroscience. Unfortunately, chronic pain is too often blamed on the wrong reasons, such as a past injury that has actually healed a long time ago, or an abnormality in the body which should not be causing such intense pain.

Chronic pain is like a learnt habit, which your brain and body tend to reproduce following specific triggers. It is very common for the body to manifest pain due to repressed emotional trauma, anxiety, conflict, lack of self-love and other emotional struggles. This pain may remain conditioned in the body long after the original cause is resolved, because those neural pathways that are connected to pain get stronger with time. But the TMS method, coupled with the latest discoveries in neuroscience, can help you reprogram your mind and body for a pain-free life

Every session lasts up to 1 hour 15 minutes and includes follow-up notes with tools and exercises that will help the clients learn this revolutionary approach to tackling chronic pain as fast as possible