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Theta Healing Practitioner. 

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Monique, Theta Healer

Have you met your best self yet?

I hadn’t. That was before I discovered the ThetaHealing® technique.


To be truly happy is the ultimate freedom - happy with where you are in

life, with your lifestyle, your business, your relationships, happy in your

skin and in your mindset. The ThetaHealing technique taught me that I

alone held the key to unlocking my own personal happiness. I achieved

better mental, physical and spiritual health and a better state of mind. I

found I could release stress and sadness and better cope with fears and


My name is Monique and becoming a ThetaHealer® has radically

changed my life.


I've only recently made my way back to Malta after 11 years abroad.

Maltese by birth, I left the island in 2008 with a degree in Architecture

and Civil Engineering, content with the career path I was forging yet

somewhat conflicted. Mindful of the fact that I had not yet found my life

purpose, I felt strangely dissatisfied. I desired more from life.

In Rome I studied lighting design. Little did I know that this would set me

on a journey to unearth a different kind of light. Living and working in

Dubai finally awakened the seeker within. The dynamics of a city in rapid

growth coupled with its rich cultural diversity fed my desire for more

profound knowledge and experiences. My quest for true inner light had

begun, the road to inner peace and enlightenment. I practiced Yoga,

Reiki and Sound Healing before finding myself really resonating with the

ThetaHealing technique. I was blown away. This last modality

dramatically revolutionized my life. I found it to be an intensely powerful

and effective experience, incredibly profound and transformational.

I firmly believe that the programs held in the subconscious mind create

our reality. They are the underlying cause of the success or failure of our

relationships, careers, health and ultimately our happiness.

As a certified ThetaHealing practitioner and instructor I will work with you to unravel and

resolve the underlying issues that are keeping you unhappy and

debilitated. The technique is designed to reprogram the subconscious

mind through focused thought, introspection and meditation in order to

ease physical or mental struggles and suffering. Whether it is the need

to overcome fear, failure, loneliness, addiction or financial instability, this

energy healing technique can be applied to address virtually any aspect

of your life where you are not experiencing or achieving what you truly

desire. By invoking the energy of unconditional love to carry out the

healing, the negative belief systems causing toxic recurring patterns are

identified and changed; cleared and replaced with positive beliefs that

leave us better able to manifest what we really desire.

Being blessed by the knowledge imparted by many beautiful spiritual

teachers my aim is to continue to share this knowledge, to empower

others to become the best version of themselves. After seeing the

profound changes the ThetaHealing Technique has brought within

myself and within others, I am excited to support many more people in

order to enable them to access this freedom. It all starts with getting in

touch with the infinite knowledge within ourselves. Having just returned

from instructor level training in Montana with Vianna Stibal, the founder

of ThetaHealing, I feel further enriched and enthusiastic to invite you on

a journey of personal growth.


Come and feel the power of this modality in your life. Come and find

your best self.


Let the light in.

ThetaHealing (1 hour) - Euro 55 per session

Singing Bowls Sound Healing (1 hour ) - Euro 55 per session

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