Regression Therapy

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Regression Therapy 

Regression Work is the process of going back to past experiences to encounter and release anything that might be holding you back or limiting your life.


Do you suffer from fears, phobias or blockages from any past experience?

"Everything you want is on the other side of Fear" 

Maybe you fear speaking in Public? Fear of Heights ? Fear of Flying?

What limits you? ........  how is it affecting your life?

How will your life be without it?

In regression work, that fear or blockage is given the space to come up and be acknowledged for what it is. Some fears can be rooted within us and might be coming from a deeper place than we can comprehend. Other fears might have been created by a seemingly irrelevant event in our lives. Whatever the reason, the reality is that fears, phobias and blockages put limits on our lives.


In regression sessions we use relaxation techniques to go back to the root of the fear, understand why that blockage was created and release it. This enables us to empower ourselves and give ourselves permission to live in freedom.


Regression work helps you to break free of the cages and prisons of your mind and find your own inner freedom.

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