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Eyelash extensions, tint and lift

Eyelash Extensions


There's nothing nicer than making ladies feel more confident about themselves and it gives me such a thrill when they sit up, look in the mirror and see how amazing a good set of lashes can make them look and more importantly, feel.

It's such a simple thing and yet it makes all the difference. We are all different and beautiful in one way or the other and eyelash extensions only enhances what your mama already gave you. They frame your eyes and enhance your natural eye colour and waking up looking like a beautiful, feminine Hollywood star is wonderful. No mascara needed. 

Depending on how well you look after them they last between 3-5 weeks before you need a refill. It takes a little maintenance but it is sooooo worth it because you are worth it.




For those of you who already have long natural eyelashes and don't want to hassle with maintenance I suggest having a lash lift and tint.

90% of us have eyelashes that grow straight and are difficult to see.

Curling them up and tinting them black can look amazing.  Add mascara to them and Bam! they look fantastic.

This treatment lasts between 6-8 weeks before you need another lift and little to no maintenance is needed.


Most of my ladies fall asleep whilst I'm applying extensions or doing a lash lift so message me on my Facebook page, Lash Me, for an appointment and book a lash nap and treatment. 

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