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Remedy Facts

Remedies are derived from a variety of natural materials including plants, animals and minerals and are prepared in licensed laboratories under strict quality control. I generally have my remedies in stock, if I do not have yours then I will order them from UK and they will reach you, usually within a very short space of time.

Medication is given in tablet, granule, and powder form (which maybe mixed with water or alcohol). They are available in different but extremely dilute strengths which are identified by a potency number. Choosing the right remedy at the appropriate strength is very important and should only be done by me as your Homeopath.

Over-the-counter remedies are usually strength 6C. This means that the substance has undergone 6 steps in a series of dilutions, where each step involves taking 1 part of the remedy and diluting it in 99 parts of alcohol.

A fascinating but as yet unexplained characteristic of homeopathic remedies is that the more dilute the remedy, the more effective it is.

For example, a remedy diluted 30 times by a factor of 100 (strength 30C) is much more potent than a 6C remedy, even though it contains less than the original substance, this is and always has caused confusion but can be compared to a sauce reduction in cookery where the more one reduces the sauce the stronger it tastes, this is a literal example but one must never simplify the actions of these potentized remedies. The potency of the remedy I prescribe for you will be based on my findings during the case taking process and will be very specific to you.

Try not to touch your remedy by hand, you will notice that when I offer you a remedy during a consultation I will never touch it with my hands, the active ingredient is on the outside of the pill or tablet and its efficacy is kept at optimal at all times. If you are at home then try to tip one pill or tablet into the lid of the container so that you can easily pop it into your mouth without handling.

Other remedy considerations:-

  • Ideally take your remedy under your tongue

  • Store your remedy in its original container

  • Store at room temperature

  • Store away from strong smelling substances

  • Do not take you remedy if possible within 30 minutes of eating, cleaning your teeth, taking allopathic medication or smoking

  • Keep your remedy under your tongue for as long as possible or until it dissolves

  • Do not take another one of your remedies without consulting myself first, unless we have developed a specific protocol for you.

Is my remedy safe?

Homeopathic remedies are very dilute, containing minute quantities of the active ingredient, this then follows that adverse reactions are very uncommon. Occasionally, however patients may experience what we call an aggravation or a slight worsening of symptoms; this is not necessarily a bad thing and can actually indicate that the remedy is already having an effect. In some instances treatment maybe halted and the remedy given in a lower dose, but this would be done under my supervision. Remember the artificial disease is similar, but stronger, than the original dis-ease condition, because of this, the vital force may react more strongly to it, thereby exciting your symptoms to the point that they appear to be worsening. Artificial diseases are curative when they are similar, but stronger. In most circumstances, homeopathic aggravations are welcomed by me, as I believe that this aggravation is a precursor to a cure, a positive sign that the chosen remedy is doing its job, and affecting a cure for you. Not everyone will have an aggravation. This does not necessarily mean that your remedy is not working. Dr. James Tyler Kent observed that, "If the quality and the quantity of the remedy administered are in exact proportion to the quality and quantity of the sick-making force, then we have a cure with no aggravation” This is actually exactly what I, as a Homeopath want to achieve, and that is…..the gentlest cure possible for you.

How can I give a remedy to my baby?

One way to get baby to take the remedy is to crush the pellets into a powder that you can slip into your child's mouth during feedings. Or crush the pellet, blend into a paste with natural and neutral cream and apply to the inside of baby’s wrist. Older children will take the remedy without much prompting as there is no strong taste.

And lastly……

If you are worried or unsure of how to take your remedy I can be contacted at any time, please see my details below.

We have many more questions answered in our FAQ section.

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