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Psychic readings, Master reiki practitioner, Crystal chakra balancing, Spiritual guidance practitioner

Sam in an International Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Life Coach and Crystal Jewelry Designer, from the UK.  She discovered her psychic medium abilities at a young age, which was when she began to nurture and grow them, while traveling the world, and being taught by the real masters and gurus from the ancestral spiritual realm. She now has over 25 years of experience.

Psychic Readings

We can often find ourselves feeling overwhelmed or lost, and loose sight of the best way forwards. Psychic readings with Sam identify the past (those challenges which have made us who we are today), the present (the situation you are in today) and the future (what's in store and how is the best way to approach your goals and achievements).

Topics include:

- Love and Relationships

- Career and Goals

- Spiritual and Self Development.

Along side your reading Sam will provide you with intuitive life coaching and different techniques and recommendations in order to overcome those challenges. 


During a mediumship, Sam will be able to connect with your passed loved ones, and communicate messages as your ‘medium’ with her clairambient, clairvisual and empathic gifts. Mediumship's provide confirmation, clarity,  and peace that our loved ones are still with us, and able to communicate. Attending a mediumship is hugely healing and comforting, when receiving the messages from the other side. Ultimately a step in the right direction on our acceptance of their passing and healing from our grief. 

Crystal Reiki Healing

Sam is a certified Reiki Master and Crystal Healer. Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of energy healing. This technique of placing the palms over and on different areas of the body while channeling ‘universal energy’ to clear and rebalance your energy. 

Crystals are known for their different vibrations, and metaphysical healing properties. These are placed on and around the body, forming crystal grids. When combining both reiki and crystal healing the outcome is not only extremely relaxing, but also encourages emotional and psychical healing too. 

Spiritual Mentoring & Reiki Courses 

Sam offers a range of courses that can either be booked as Individual 1-2-1 sessions or as group sessions. Price on enquiry.

Topics Include:

- Understanding energy and how to grow your intuition 

- Understanding crystals and how to work with them

- How to cleanse, balance, and protect yourself day to day

- Spiritual guide to manifesting and not overthinking

- The manifester's guide to balanced relationships

- Learn how to Fortune Tell using Lenormand Cards

- Reiki Level 1

- Reiki Level 2 

- Reiki Level 3

Sam Selby: About Me

Psychic readings

80 Euro

(approx 60 mins)

95 Euro

(approx 90 mins)


80 Euro

(approx 60 mins)

95 Euro

(approx 90 mins)

Crystal Reiki Treatments

65 Euro

(approx 60 mins)

95 Euro

(approx 90 mins)

Get me back on track

350 Euro

(6 x 60 mins sessions)

A combination of Psychic Readings, Life Coaching and Crystal Reiki Healing.

Past Life Regression

80 Euro

(approx 60 mins)

120 Euro

(approx 90mins)

Sam Selby: Services
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