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Spiritual healing

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Spiritual Healing is a completely natural process. It is thought to be a flow of beneficial energy between the Healer and the recipient that deals with the "dis-ease" at its deepest level and frees the natural resources to work in the most effective way, healing energy can help both physical and emotional problems. The goal of Spiritual Healing is to eradicate problems, usually starting in the mind, to restore balance to the person. The Healer transmits the healing power/ energy from the Divine source and channels it into the person being healed guiding the energy in the root cause of the dis-easement. Remarkable changes can occur in the mind and body.

Healing Energies can be helpful with a wide range of conditions, sometimes to a remarkable degree. It is a process of revitalisation, relaxation and release at a profound level, which helps the body to adjust and heal spontaneously at its own pace and in its own way. Healing seeks out the underlying cause as well as the "presenting symptom". This can mean that the outcome of a Healing session maybe beneficial in an unexpected way and not necessarily immediately: for example, one may feel a sudden benefit days later or gradual improvement over a period of time. There may be times when you experience some kind of emotional release as part of the Healing process. Sometimes the process is obvious, sometimes subtler.

So: -

When one is not at peace

When one is not in harmony

When one is not loving oneself enough

If one has any unresolved emotional issues with anyone

All this Un-Happiness

All this Dis-Easement

Filters from the soul / mind into the physical body





David L Cunningham 

Spiritual healer

David L Cunningham
Mindo O. Damalis

Spiritual healer

David L Cunningham
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