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What is Transpersonal Self-Development?

Frequency Alignment

Beyond linear time, you have a unique frequency, and everything you are vibrates in this frequency: your spirit Self - a radiant light that emits a unique song; your soul that experiences this song in space through movement and colors; your vehicle – your light body.

In a frequency alignment, parts of your soul, that are not yet vibrating on this frequency will be identified and aligned with this frequency. These parts of your soul can be in this life time or past lives on earth or somewhere in our local universe, in a parallel universe, in the local multi-verse or somewhere else in the cosmos.


Through a key word we will identify the core issue that needs to be addressed. Through an intuitive process  and with the help of beings from many different dimensions (elementals, magical beings, power animals, ancestors, galactic beings, crystal beings, angels, ascended masters, light beings etc.) this part of the soul will be brought into wholeness and vibration of your unique frequency.


With every frequency alignment you will be able to shine your unique light more and more.

Potential of frequency alignments:

  • to make a quantum leap of consciousness and evolution

  • to access your superconscious mind

  • to become aware of the unified field and the infinite torus flow

  • to become aware of the multidimensionality of the self

  • to surrender to a soulful life guided by the music of your spirit

  • to shift from linear to eternal time

  • to become aware of the presence of and coexistence with beings from different dimensions

  • raise the frequency of the physical body to integrate with the light body

  • to be free, peaceful, joyful, fulfilled, loving and trusting

  • to embrace the mystery of life

  • to become aware of your potential to manifest and dissolve with joy, love and peace

  • to be more authentic and present in the moment


Frequency alignment sessions increase your resilience, to be able to go with the ups and downs of life and address the challenges from an empowered space. 


Music journey and intuitive drawing

In a music journey, you will listen to specifically researched music programs (mostly classical music) that will let you explore your inner world, according to your current situation, needs and intentions. It can either be used to go deep into difficult life issues or to access creative and intuitive guidance from within for your unfolding life.


Music has the potential to guide you into altered states of consciousness where you can access inner wisdom and your inner capacity for healing and transformation.


After the music journey you will bring your experience into a visible form through intuitive drawing. The drawing can be used to deepen insights and the transformational process.  


Potential of a music journey:

  • connects the conscious to the unconscious

  • stimulates intuition and creative potential

  • activates your innate capacity for healing and transformation

  • provides encouragement to get through difficult emotions and life situations and carries through the heights and depths of an experience

  • helps to reduce fears and anxieties

  • reduces stress and enhances a state of well-being

  • allows unresolved issues to surface and helps to remove mental and emotional blocks


MARI Psychological Assessment

MARI is like taking a picture of your psyche. If you want to know what is going on inside yourself in any given moment, MARI is an excellent tool.


In a MARI session you will choose intuitively a set of symbols and colors. The colors and symbols will make it clear, where things flow in your life and where they are blocked. You are able to "see" the invisible inner world and change it. MARI allows you to access your own intuitive guidance and it reveals strengths, insight and awareness – in a visual way.


In those cases in which you do not know where the blockages come from, we will explore and unblock them together.

MARI Mandala Assessment Research Instrument is a whole-brained instrument based in wholeness that reveals the inner truth of a person.




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