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Wellbeing and Nutrition Life Coaching Practitioner, EMOST Therapist, Trainer and Consultant

I have always been inclined to helping others. All the work I have been involved in related to making people evolve, grow, and become stronger as persons, physically, and mentally. I have spent many years teaching and practicing life coaching. This made me realize that my mission to help others get back on track, develop their strengths, and find a way forward in life, were what really made me happy.

After obtaining my master’s degree in TESOL, where I focused my thesis on teacher wellbeing, I was introduced to EMOST – the Electromagnetic Signal Own Therapy. I immediately felt a great interest in the device, not only because it was a continuation of what I had studied and wanted to do with a passion, but I also discovered that EMOST can help people feel better and rejuvenated. I am now an EMOST therapist, and wellbeing and nutrition life coaching practitioner. I combine my knowledge together with EMOST device to activate the body’s own self-healing abilities with the intention to assist others feel revived, decoded, energized, and vitalized.

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Louise Cortis: About Me


(Electromagnetic Own Signal Therapy)

EMOST therapy is an innovative method that uses the human body’s own natural electro and electromagnetic impulses (similar to ECG and EEG signals) that belong to the individual’s biological processes. This new method has helped over forty thousand people around the world over a period of five years. It is based on natural self-regeneration and the improvement of the body's self-healing abilities through cellular electro chemical balancing. The electromagnetic sensors that are placed on the skin, become in contact with the skin and create a network of ultrafine antenna fibers, through which we connect to the organism. We get into the circulation of the body’s regulatory system through the neurons, Merkel cells (etc.) and start a real-time dialogue with the organism itself. During the treatment, the subject’s conscience goes into a state of relaxation; they often immerse in deep sleep, wake up automatically after the treatment and start to experience their new, fresher organisms.

Our method applies the self-recognition and self-regulation of the human body. We are able to hold a clear, bioinformatic mirror of the body, that leads the organism to recognize its regulatory processes and to bring the body in the best shape, using its genetic reserves to the best of its abilities.

Our EMOST Master device and unique Medical freehand program provides us the opportunity to set up personalized treatment programs. The aim is to complete pre-designed protocols and involve factors from outside the protocols’ scope. EMOST can help anyone improve the quality of their life. It is a treatment that jumpstarts your own body’s natural healing process, where the body self-heals, self-regulates and self-regenerates.

This method is safe from any side effects due to its natural healing manner and free from any antibiotics or other traditional medication. This is an innovative and unique method that thoroughly revives and vitalize your entire body!

Louise Cortis: About

Protocol Treatments and Prices

Let’s Work Together

Analyser & Anamnesis Report

In order to choose the right indications and EMOST feedback treatment programs, patients fill out a so-called Anamnesis form, where they need to mark the symptoms they experience. The marked factors help us identify biological correlations. Next to each factor, there is an EMOST program code. The most frequent program codes are then applied to each starting EMOST treatment. In addition to this, a Body Composition Analyzer report, together with a nutrition consultation is done. Since diet is one of the most influential health factors, it is important that our clients understand the basic mechanisms of how nutrition acts on their metabolism. We will identify and establish any eating habits and disorders that need to be adjusted, as well as any type of exercise that should be taken up so as to better improve the overall health and wellbeing. Total cost: €50

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CO = Concentration

This therapy of five and three reminder sessions improves brain capacity by aiding the absorption and utilization of several vitamins and minerals (such as chromium, selenium, Q10, magnesium, iron, folic acid, and lecithin) that are important to the brain. After this therapy there will be a favorable change and improvement in the parasympathetic system, cognitive function and memory recall as well as in oxygen and nutrient supply to the right brain by reducing the level of stress hormones. Recommended for those who suffer from daydreaming and absent-mindedness, as well as those who continually procrastinate or have a generalized feeling of anxiety 

This treatment, combined with Happy Cocktail, can help reduce stuttering and combined with Divorce will help you feel more in control of your life.

C = Cosmic

This therapy consists of six sessions. It increases the human detection range, anticipation and pure intuition become clearer, and the ability to “connect dots” improves. This program provides a new way of seeing the structure of adaptation and striving for greater harmony while it results in faster insights, and frequent déja-vu experiences. The results are achieved at the level of natural neurotransmitter and redox-regulation.

Cocktail Girl

HC = Happy Cocktail

This therapy contains five and three reminder sessions that help to restore psychological balance, relieve stress, and promote happiness and optimism. Long-term mood repair is provided by increasing psychic balance. Self-confidence and dynamism will replace anxieties and fears. You will feel lighter as you begin to let go of psychological problems that you carry from the past. Lighter and more optimistic, you will be able to let go and live joyfully again. Recommended for those who are under permanent stress, who suffer from mental exhaustion, lethargy, recurrent depression, negative feelings, disturbed sleep patterns, agitated and shallow breathing. Because of the long-term beneficial effects of this therapy the cost, and dependence on drugs such as antidepressants can be reduced.

DV = Divorce and Release

This therapy of four and three reminder sessions helps those who are always anxious to let go of their anxieties and relax. It also improves heart, spleen and thyroid conditions as well as enhancing blood content. Emotionally, it helps by improving mental states, reducing the feeling of overload, letting go of concerns, and with the decrease in stress hormones level the heart function will improve. Persistent tensions dissolve and work addiction is decreased. Vascular tension is improved, thus improving micro-circulation, resulting in a looser, lighter state. Recommended for use where very low dopamine or serotonin levels and high cortisol levels exist, and also indicated for deficient thyroid gland functions and sleep disorders.

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AC = Activate

Five targeted programs plus three reminder treatments that aim to relieve frequent constipation through the natural activation of intestinal function. It should be noted that constipation and tissue dehydration often go together as it is necessary for the dehydrated body to remove moisture from intestinal contents. This special program improves bowel functions; peristalsis is helped by natural remission of internal cramps and by regulation of fluids in the bowel wall. The success of this method is based on the ability to restore natural balance and treat underlying psychological symptoms for optimum emptying frequency without discomfort and without risks and side effects.

DG = Digestion

This is a therapy of five programs plus three reminding sessions with real benefits to the appetite and digestion. Thanks to this therapy a meal, instead of bringing a feeling of drowsiness and fatigue, will provide new energy by the correct absorption of nutrients, and the unnecessary storing of fat will be reduced. It is recommended for those with bad eating habits, frequent indigestion, bloating, emptying disorders or frequent complaints of hemorrhoids.

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EN = Enteritis, Diarrhea

This is a therapy of five plus three special treatments to compensate bowel or intestinal inflammation. The risks of acid erosion and infection can be reduced when the turmoil and nutritional deficiencies resulting from digestive load are reduced, allowing more effective immune processes to take place. This will make the experience of eating more pleasant and less taxing on the digestive system.

HE = Hemorrhoids

This therapy of six plus four reminder treatments can assist with the negative impacts of acidic erosion caused by turmoil, and nutritional deficiencies. Bleeding and the risk of infection of the surrounding intestinal tissue areas are significantly reduced, and the patient’s overall condition improves fast as a result of the acceleration of the healing process. If the symptoms are combined with abnormal indigestion, bloating or frequent low level of water consumption, seeking medical advice is recommended.

Bathroom Tiles
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KD = Kidney cleaning

Five counter-related plus three reminder programs that can affect the inner water cycle, purification, blood pressure and, indirectly, the heart. Since kidneys play a central role in blood circulation, blood purification and the elimination of toxic materials, they should be treated as the most important organs. The advantage of this therapy is that it does not cause an overload even in case of renal function deficiency. PH improves, toxin elimination becomes more effective, and as a result of the blood filtering function improving, useful nutrients are retained by the body.

LV = Liver rejuvenation

This is a therapy of five special preserving treatments plus three reminder programs for advanced liver detoxification and an enhanced enzyme production capacity. The counter related programs support the efficiency of the organ of excretion through improvements in the body’s ability to expel toxic substances, by improving the urinary, micro-circulatory, immune and excretory systems. The liver is where bile is formed and where insulin, cholesterol, fats and proteins are transformed, so by means of this therapy, these functions can be significantly influenced. The feeling of tiredness after meals and sugar cravings can be reduced.

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Woman in Pain

HA = Hyperacidity, Reflux

Chronic indigestion or persistent reflux mean high health risks due to the possible complications of acidic erosion. The series of five treatments plus three reminders can enhance taste, improve the detection of digestive nutrients, and rebalance acidity and pH levels, which are needed for correct nutritional breakdown and general body function. This treatment will help to regain the joy and pleasantness of meals. Esophageal mucosa will recover and associated risk factors will be eliminated.

GA = Gastric ulcers

The therapy of five plus three reminder treatments helps the natural healing processes of continuous acid erosions of the stomach. This therapy helps to relieve the additional strain, and by eliminating unpleasant symptoms, it can assist with general well-being.

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Image by Falaq Lazuardi

SG = Sigh, cardiac function

This five and three reminder session’s therapy is designed to support cardiac function. It affects the myocardium, pericardium, and blood flow to enhance the inner psychological state. The therapy enhances a deeper, more emotional connection, resolves “cold-heartedness”, and “warms” the heart. It is a very beneficial therapy, suitable even for pacemaker users, and is worth doing at least once for everybody. Recommended for those with a high risk for heart attack, congestion, shortness of breath, high blood pressure (hypertension), and abnormally fast resting heart rate (tachycardia).

HT = Hypertension

The five sophisticated programs plus three reminder treatments can assist with resolving internal tension, favorably influencing blood circulation. By supporting cardiac function, and with the help of the kidneys as the organs responsible for blood pressure, we can support the proper background for natural recovery. The therapy can be beneficially complemented by the Happy Cocktail and the Sigh programs.

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ME = Menstrual disorders

Menstrual disorders occur when the body's hormones are not balanced and need to be corrected. With five sessions plus three reminders, this complex treatment helps to correct the body's hormonal system and to help with menstrual pain and cramps as well as quantitative and temporal disturbances.

CY = Cyst / Myoma

This specific therapy of six and four reminder treatments assists with synchronizing tissue blockages and tissue control points while harmonizing emotional, hormonal and reflex processes connected to the autonomic nervous system. The therapy affects the balance of free radicals and antioxidants (redox-process) Can be combined well with Divorce, hormone SOS treatments.

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Growing Plants

VF = Vagina flora

This is a therapy of five plus three reminder treatments that can help limit the bacterial overgrowth resulting from high pH due to emotional inhibitions. The program is used in a weekly schedule starting at the middle of the menstrual period (ovulation) and should be preceded by the Happy Cocktail.

AD = Addiction

This is a therapy of five plus three reminder treatments to relieve certain stressors that trigger certain habits, and to reduce addiction. We focus on known stressors to overcome the habit, thus relieving psychological pressure. By daily treatments we promote excretion and the elimination of the active substance (e.g. nicotine monoxide, alcohol, etc.) to ease the craving sensation. Patients are mentally able to let the substances go. Increased water intake and compliance with the recommended diet can help patients to overcome their addictions and to relieve their body. The therapy is recommended for those who want to cut down on excessive consumption of such stimulants as coke and other artificial soft drinks, junk food, energy drinks, coffee, cigarettes, and to reduce other health risks.

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Dandelion Fields

AL = Allergy treatment

An allergy is an excessive reaction of the body to different stimuli. This is a five-step program including three reminder treatments for toxic, environmental and psychological-based allergies which start after the identification of the cause of the allergy. Depending on the cause, the treatment helps to regulate the properties of the antibody and receptor activities related to the irritation, enhancing hormonal and neurotransmitter regulation. There is a reciprocal relationship between the allergy and the psyche, and the feeling of stress produced by the allergy in turn worsens the effects. This treatment relieves the stress, and restores a better psychic, hormonal, and neurotransmitter balance.

EX = Eczema

The therapy contains five and three reminder treatments that can help to overcome autonomic, psychological and toxic-based eczema. Some of the sub-programs can help with circulation, boosting the immune system and promoting urine detoxification. An overloaded nervous system causes an excessive immune response. At first the irritation alters the acid alkaline balance in the skin. The free nerve endings in the dermis react because of increasing histamine levels which in turn increase psychological stress levels. The skin is in a continuous cycle of healing, itching, scratching, infection, and this risk factor can develop complications and esthetic problems resulting in a bad psychological state, so the cycle is maintained. In the case of existing diabetes, gluten sensitivity, thyroid dysfunction, or renal insufficiency a targeted examination is highly recommended.

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Man Doing Blood Test

DI = Dolce Vita, Diabetes

The therapy consists of seven treatments and three reminders which can ease the longing for self-indulgence. The therapy helps to make you feel relaxed and satisfied. The subprograms can assist with the insulin receptors, the pancreas, the liver, the kidneys and the functional parameters of the blood.

In case of insulin resistance, our Happy Cocktail 1, Kidney cleaning 1-2, or Gluten Sensitivity programs can be added.

IC = Incontinence

Some diseases and certain chemical agents (drugs, herbs, sedatives, receptor blockers, etc.) affect the balance between the autonomic and central nervous systems. This five session treatment plus two reminder treatments program restores these systems to a balanced state. Recommended for children who suffer from bed wetting, and elderly adults, as well as people with multiple sclerosis or have had a stroke that has affected their bladder function. It is beneficial as an addition to the Hormone SOS 1-2 programs.

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LI = Libido

Stress has a profound effect on the sexual life. Lack of sexual pleasure leaves its mark on the individual. Sexual indifference, coldness or inhibition can be caused by stress and in return causes an elevation of stress hormones. This treatment of five and four reminder sessions focuses on the hormonal background by fine tuning the mechanisms of sexual desire in the body. The two-week program will refresh sexual sensitivity resulting in a more fulfilling sexual life. Recommended for everyone regardless of age or whether you are in a relationship or single.

LY = Lymph system

A program series of five plus three reminder treatments that can improve the immune system, circulatory system and the exchange of tissue fluids. Our program is complemented by the relief of any disorders related to the connective tissue, tissue management and any nervous system reflex. This therapy can help resolve any forms of oedemas (water deposits in the body) or reduce swelling by the enhancement of internal circulation and tissue purification.

Male Skater

PR = Prostate

This common disease causes men a lot of strain and discomfort, both mental and physical. The inner blood circulation and inflexibility of the organ can be impeded by the demand to perform without a sufficient warm-up period. This therapy of seven treatments plus three reminding sessions help to relieve this condition and relax the venous system of the prostate while its micro-circulation can be restored. Symptoms gradually subside, and the relaxed joy of being together physically with your partner returns. Recommended for chronic prostate spasms, prostate inflammation, complications, and other associated health risks.

Can be combined with Divorce 1-2, Hormone SOS 1 and CYST 1-2.

SI = Sinusitis

This therapy of six and four reminder sessions, improves the local blood circulation of the sinus and immune systems. It helps to reduce allergic reactions and irritations caused by chronic sinusitis. As a result of the therapy, oral cavity, cervical lymph circulations, maxillary and frontal sinuses and bone membrane resistance all improve. Self-healing ability is enhanced, and complication risks are reduced. In the case of chronic sinusitis it is highly recommended the patient has a Carotid Doppler examination and allergy tests.

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HO = Hormone SOS, steroids

Steroids function in the body like dials on a radio. They help control metabolism, inflammation, immune functions, and the ability to withstand illness and injury. This treatment of five plus three reminder sessions is used to treat excessive emotional ups and downs and restore emotional balance. The hormone-transmitters rendering emotions will deliver clearly and abundantly and recipients will become more receptive.

Can be combined with Let Go, Dr Happy and MaxiVital.

TH = Thyroid function, normalization

These six and three reminder sessions focus on the thyroid gland as the regulator of the immune system and hormone production. Recommended for thyroid gland disorder as well as thyroid hormone level fluctuations, swollen neck, bulging eyes, a strong sensitivity to light, increased sweating, increased irritability or a feeling of defeatism.

Image by Franco Antonio Giovanella

TT = Tinnitus

This therapy consists of six unique treatments and three reminders that can assist with relieving the unpleasant sound coming from a congested/overloaded nervous system and underlying psychological discontentment.

To achieve the best possible result, the treatment can be completed with the ‘Happy Cocktail’ and ‘Top Manager’ treatments, or in case of Diabetes, the ‘Dolce Vita’ therapy can be additional.

TR = Tiredness

The therapy consists of five plus three reminder treatments which refresh those subsystems that are responsible for sudden and/or frequent fatigue. The efficiency of metabolism increases, so less nutrition is sufficient to produce good energy levels. The improvement of absorption of the missing elements increases alertness. The therapy is recommended for chronic fatigue, insomnia (sleeping disorders), frequent nocturnal awakening, or the very strong need of an afternoon nap after meal.

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WT = Weather sensitivity

This therapy contains five complex treatments and three reminder sessions that can help relieve the effects of sudden meteorological changes felt when vascular and circulatory pressure in the body leads to headache, body ache and other symptoms related to weather sensitivity. Note that symptoms such as persistent dry mouth, eye pain, common migraine, or renal problems due to low water consumption (30 body-kg / l), as well as increased heart rate, should all be further investigated by specialists.

CL = Cold, SOS

This is a six treatment program that can help when the symptoms of having cold appear. We recommend the program to be completed in 3 days. Two treatments each day with 4-5 hours in between. If necessary, the treatment can be completed with the Virus 1 program.

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SN = Snuffle, Flu

This is a program of five treatments against volatile virus attacks appearing with joint pain. Increased anxiety elongates the presence of symptoms; however, increasing the pH levels, i.e. alkalization, reduces this process. Treatment twice a day may significantly reduce the risks.

Phantom Pain

This is a treatment for any phantom pain syndrome. It is a five-session treatment that has to be applied every other day. This treatment stops phantom syndromes completely. Patients will immediately feel relive and symptoms free.

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This is a series of six treatments plus three reminder sessions. It is beneficial for those who suffer from mild to severe migraines. This treatment should be followed by psychosomatic or Maxi Vita treatment for optimal results.

Pre / Post COVID

This is a very intense treatment. It consists of two treatments each day for three consecutive days and four reminder sessions. It is an excellent treatment to rejuvenate the lungs, as well as protect the lungs from any harmful diseases. After the treatment clients experience better breathing, feel more energetic, and vitalized.

Group Therapy
Image by pure julia

Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel syndrome is a condition that causes tingling, numbness, and pain in the wrist, hand, and arm. This is a special treatment that contains a series of five sessions, followed by weekly reminder session depending on the condition of the patient. After the treatment patients will immediately feel better, without the need of a surgery.


Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a disorder that affects people of all ages and walks of life. It happens when a person gets caught in a circle of compulsions and obsessions. Our psychosomatic treatment consists of six sessions and 3 reminder sessions. It enables a person to feel calm, in control, and is able to perform and value the important activates the were neglected.

Image by Chance Anderson
Image by Ameer Basheer

BB = Big Comeback

Five treatments and three reminder treatments oriented at the orthomolecular neuro vegetative level, if the case is cumulative. The support of overloaded organs and their partner organs is therefore comprehensive and complete with regards to their connections. During the two-week program, the strength of the organization can be improved and can become sorted and receptive while the regeneration ability improves. The therapy is recommended for health risk reduction at advancing age.

Gi = Giant

The six special programs and three reminder treatments upgrades the body's main controllers. This extra program improves the functioning of the internally separating glands, hormone secreting and vascular regulators, as well as the orthomolecular microcirculation activation, while providing comprehensive energizing and synchronization of the major systems.

Image by Kyle Johnston
Image by Heather Ford

MV = MaxiVital

This therapy of five sessions and three reminders promotes fitness, vitality, and an increase in the body’s recuperative powers. The treatment stimulates adrenaline and cellular metabolic activity and efficiency, and results in increased muscular strength and an enhanced capacity for work. Feeling devitalized, chronically tired, stuck in a rut or unfulfilled can be caused by a biological imbalance, and energy and optimism can be restored with this treatment. It is a general fitness program for those who suffer from constant stress and overwork, and it reduces health risks.

TM = TopManager

This is a course of treatments intended for managers who are constantly under high pressure to perform. During these six and four reminder sessions the brain blood circulation, concentration, stress relief, memory and conceptual skills are all improved. Natural absorbance of lecithin, folic acid, Q10, magnesium, chromium, and vitamin E is stimulated, resulting in stress release, better judgment, increased vigor, lightness and creativity. The psychic imbalance created in the system by burnout will be restored to balance naturally, without the need for external stimulants such as coke, coffee, energy drinks and cigarettes. We recommend this treatment, combined with our Addiction program, for top managers who look healthy from outside, but are constantly pushing their body to its limits.

This therapy can be complemented with Concentration (1), Inner Light (1) and Cardiac Function (1) in order to restore balance to the body.

Man Reaching Star
Image by Torsten Dederichs

YG = Young again

This therapy contains of five treatments and four reminders which starts with refreshing and harmonizing the psychological balance, vitality, and hormonal system, and continues with the synchronization of the main organs and circulatory system. After the treatments, patients can feel the benefits of a balanced nervous system, a good appetite and excellent digestion. In the case of cumulative symptoms, the treatment improves all abilities of the body while enhancing better conditions and providing more strength for healing. The therapy can reduce the process of ageing if you receive it around the age of 35-40.

SH = Super Happy

This treatment is a serious of five sessions and four reminders. This treatment is recommended for everyone. It elevates our psychological balance, enhances performance, libido, vitality, optimism, and a person’s wellbeing. It is a treatment that is beneficial for everyone.

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Other treatments

PC – Panic Attacks
IL – Internal light body boost
NR – Nervousness AG – Aggression
TI – Tiredness
CO – Concentration
OP – Osteoporosis
SK – Skin, Acne
BF – Bacteria, Fungus
AN – Anemia

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