ashley ager dimech

Ashley Ager-Dimech

rachael rigglesworth

Hi, I’m Rachael. 

As a busy mum to a 3-year-old daughter, a feline fur baby and a canine fur baby, there is never a dull moment in our house! I first became interested in holistic therapies when I returned to work after having my daughter Sophia. I had spent a significant portion of my maternity leave worrying about going back, when it would be, how I’d manage my hours around nursery drop offs and pickups, if I could afford to go part-time – the list was endless!

With a degree in sports therapy I've always known that I wanted to help people, but this time I wanted to find natural ways to help me take control and balance all of these emotions. After much soul searching and research, I decided to train as a Mindfulness Teacher and a Reflexologist, and I complement these with the use of essential oils. Do you ever have that feeling when a specific scent immediately transports you back to your happy place? That's how I feel with essential oils (like anything in life I certainly have my favourites!), but over time I have discovered they offer so much more than that. It's no coincidence they have been used for centuries. So with all that said, why don't you come and join me on this journey, I look forward to hearing your story. 

Rachael Rigglesworth

alan chetcuti

Massage, remedial & sports therapist

Alan Chetcuti

amanda andersen

Nordic body therapy practitioner

Amanda Andersen

Abstract in BW

Beauty therapist

Ana Aquilina

david cunningham

Spiritual healer

David Cunningham

dr cristin fitzpatrick

Chiropractor and Neuro-developmental specialist.

Dr. Cristin Fitzpatrick

dr flavia morone

Traditional Chinese medicine, Coach practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Dr. Flavia Morone

dr hailey steinhouser

Chiropractor, Movement Scientist

Dr. Hailey Steinhauser

dr natalie hammer

Aesthetic Medicine Doctor

Dr. Natalie Hammer

francesca zammit cutajar

Counselling & Mindfulness

Francesca Zammit Cutajar

izabela klara biskupska

She offers the fast transforming therapy sessions both live and online, which include hypnosis, regression, healing & Tran.

Izabela Klara Biskupska

janice dingli

Past life regression practitioner, Regression Therapist, Hypnosis & NLP.

Janice Dingli

karin laing

Counselling & Mindfulness, Hypnotherapist,

Holistic Life Coach, In-Between Life & Past Life Therapy,

Intuitive Counselling & Past Life Regression.

Karin Laing

kimberley stapleton

Advanced hypnotherapist, Counsellor, Regression, In between Life & Past Life Therapist, Natural menopause, Hormone balance,  Weight loss & Wellness coach, NLP & Life coach, Life purpose coach, Aromatherapy massage therapist

Kimberley Stapleton

leigh o neill

Mediumship, EFT therapist, Reiki master, Tarot readings & Crystal healing

Leigh O'Neill

louise cortis

EMOST Therapist S.N.H.N. Dip,
Wellbeing and Nutrition Life Coaching Practitioner, 
Academic Consultant M.TESOL

Louise Cortis

michael mier

Thematic strategy human coaching & Consultancy

Michael Mier

miriam gauci bongiovanni

Holistic life coach & Mindbody Practitioner

specializing in TMS / Chronic pain coaching

Miriam Gauci Bongiovanni

sam selby

Psychic readings, Master reiki practitioner, Crystal chakra balancing, Spiritual guidance practitioner

Sam Selby

Brown Wood

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