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Oksana Consiglio

Essential oil aromatherapist

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My name is Oksana Consiglio, I am 33 years old and was born in Russia but have lived here in Malta for 10 years with my 8 year old son. From childhood I was always fascinated by the healing power of herbs, flowers and essential oils. I was brought up surrounded by nature and will always be thankful to my mother for showing me the gift of nature. Eucalyptus and the Tea Tree oils were common in our medical box. But curiosity grew with the time and I longed to deepen my knowledge. In 2011, I graduated in Aromatherapy massage, the world of oils opened up; it fascinates me more and more. I always practiced massage, but the combination with essential oils started giving more visual results such in physical and emotional wellbeing. Learning is never ending….that is my motto.

Oksana Consiglio: About Me
Spiral Stairs

Hypno Massage Therapy

Introducing a bespoke body therapy created to bring you into a deeper state of relaxation.

Our bodies are a vessel to carry our emotional and physical self, over time we accumulate stagnant or frozen emotions in our body. In holistic terminology these are called “blockages”. These blockages express themselves in may ways and an experienced bodyworker can read and interpret these. Oksana is an expert in her field and will centre in one these emotions and feelings using this unique combination of relaxing therapeutic massage and hypnotherapy.

Some clients experience a heavy sensation in a particular part of the body, usually linked with negative emotions. It can feel like cold, itching, compression, or in some cases it might be hard to breath or swallow, even muscle tension, these feeling will be short lived and released by this body work making one have a feeling of release and rebirth.

During the session the client will release these blockages; acknowledging the emotions through self-centring, giving oneself permission to feel good, feeling inner expression and peace. The release, rest, and energy charge you will feel give one up to one’s fullest potential. You will feel present in the moment, and being in the flow, which gives opportunity and support to switch or stop the thought line and feel your inner strength. Throughout the session it should feel very good, letting go, feel the motion on the skin, connecting to physical self, asking oneself permission to loose emotional control and accepting change, feeling deep relaxation helping slow down the mind, muscle relaxation, better oxygenation, feeding the muscle with nutrients. The mind and the body will receive tremendous benefits. Thus, giving you a chance of deep relaxation, a feeling of being self-centred, having inner strength, an awakening of your inner power, wisdom and a connection to one’s own intuition.

Our vocal cords are also a muscle and a great emotional storage. The voice can express personality we encourage the use of our voice during this session

Singling and guided meditation are also part of the session.

Oksana Consiglio: Welcome
Rock in Sand

Therapeutic Body Massage

60 Euro

(approx 1hr 15min)

Spiral Stairs

Hypno Massage Therapy

85 Euro

Oksana Consiglio: Services
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