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The Homeopathic Conversation

By far the most important part of your Homeopathic journey will be the case taking process.

It is here that you and your Homeopath will get to know each other and hopefully form a bond of mutual respect which will be the basis of your path to well being. Here at THC we have created a sanctuary, a space where you feel secure, safe and comfortable, this is essential. Once you have decided on going ahead with your consultation, I will have advised you to book it at a time when you are not rushed, when you’re a free to spend some time away from everything so that once here it is easy to relax and open up. The Homeopathic Conversation can take up to 2 hours in some cases; we will be talking about you, your feelings, emotions, worries and your life. This will be entirely confidential, we are bound by our code of ethics not to judge, criticize or pass on anything that has been said during this process without your consent. At times it maybe necessary to confer with your medical specialist, again this will be at your discretion.
A full medical history will be taken initially and information about your families past medical history will also be noted. All this will be done at your own pace, if things get too much or you feel overwhelmed then the session will be halted until you feel up to continuing. Often you will not have spoken for such a long period of time about yourself, this, in itself can be cathartic and is all part of your journey. While you are talking I will be listening and taking down notes which will help me after you leave to piece together your case. I need to know what makes you different from everyone else, what makes you feel better/worse, I need to know the real you so that when I am doing my case analysis I can identify which remedy is best suited to you. At times I will also ask you questions which may seem irrelevant to you, but these will give me important information and enable me to do my job correctly.
Once your case has been taken and analyzed we should have found what we call your constitutional remedy. In Classical Homeopathy it is this remedy which best matches you, each remedy has its own signature and my hope is that I will have found the nearest remedy to your own character traits. This forms the Homeopathic philosophy of ‘like cures like’ and once taken will stimulate your bodies own ability to bring about balance.
During follow up consultations it is important to explain why I have prescribed what I have to clients, it is essential to be clear and available for any questions you may have; it is what I am there for.
So………are you ready? Are you open to a natural path to health and well being? Are there any other questions you would like to know? I am here, you only have to ask.
Thank you for taking the time and interest to read this and I look forward to meeting you should you wish to delve into the wonderful world of Homeopathy.

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